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Welcome to my pet portrait, animal, and abstract art website! I love painting animals and hope to have the opportunity to create a beautiful, personalized painting for you. As you can see from the artwork below, my hand-painted pet portraits are extremely colorful, yet also have a likeness to the photo that I paint from. Animals have very colorful personalities and my pet portraits capture the very vibrant, colorful, and uniquely fun animal that is in each pet.  I am based in the USA in the beautiful state of Michigan. I mainly do business in the USA, but if you would like to work with me from over seas, please get in touch to inquire about a commission. 

cat and dog golden retriever custom pet portrait abstract painting by amanda norman bold bright intense rainbow color abstact contemporary oil painting
black labrador pit bull dog staring at squirell in tree abstract painting pet portrait by amanda norman bold bright intense colorful rainbow contemporary oil painting

In additions to pet portraits, I love to paint abstract paintings. I use vibrant and bright colors, like my pet portraits, except I use palette knives to apply the paint. I apply the paint thick, to create a impasto technique, sometimes I will add cold wax, or marble dust to make it even thicker. I love to see the colors move and play with each other on the canvas. 

koi pond abstract contemporary painting by amanda norman bright bold colors palette knife impasto texture
english flower garden abstract painting by amanda norman palette knife used for impasto effect by amanda norman
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