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Abstract contemporary paintings on canvas original Amanda Norman

Encroaching Summer #1, #2, & #3. 


Gallery wrapped canvas, sides are painted, ready to hang, no need for a frame. Varnished with a satin finish.

Signature, title, and date on back of canvas. Signature also on front.


This is 3-18x24 paintings, a Triptych. Total length with all 3 paintings side by side touching would be 54 inches. I would recommend spacing each painting at least 2-4 inches apart. Would look great to hang all 3 on a large wall, or above a couch. You could also hang them separately around your home or office creating a unified room look. 

All 3 paintings are done in bright jewel tones of yellow, orange, green, magenta, blue and white. 


Encroaching Summer Tryptic

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